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What to Know about Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof can be a difficult task and it is generally best left to the professionals. And when this is professionally done, the curb appeal of your home will improve and your roof will also get a new life, lasting a lot longer than it would have originally.

You need to understand the materials that make up your roof and how the environmental conditions in your location affect them. There are roof restoration companies that can help give you an upgrade for your roof extending its lifespan considerably. There is also routine maintenance such as cleaning to be done to ensure that the dirt accumulated on top of the roof doesn’t actually damage it. When there is dirt and grime on the roof, it creates an ideal environment for algae, moss etc. to inhabit and this can strip the protective oils that are on the shingles. This will contribute to warping of the roof when it is exposed to the sun and with time, you will see notice holes in the roof that allow water to leak into the home. A water leak can wreak a lot of havoc on a house and you will be left with further repairs and expenses. You can read about it here on how to choose a reliable company to carry out roof cleaning for you.    

Also, when roofs are dirty, it will clog the rain gutters and the downspouts so when there is rain, water will not properly drain from the roof. There will be pools of water collected in certain spots in the roof that can lead to the spread of mould and mildew. By removing the moss and algae on the roof, you will be able to make sure the roof lasts a long time. Roof cleaners will also remove stains on it that will improve the entire outlook of the home and remove mould, bird droppings, moss etc. Regular cleaning will prevent warping of shingles and protect the roof support system. And as no water will be collected due to proper drainage being facilitated, wood rot and paint corrosion can be prevented.

There is no fixed number for how frequently you should clean the roof. It will all depend on your environmental conditions, number of trees near the roof and in the yard, type of roofing on the home etc. If your home is surrounded by trees and the roof is shaded, there will be a lot of leaves falling on it. And if you happen to be located in an area that experienced heavy rainfall, it will lead to water being collected in the mess of leaves and twigs creating ideal conditions for moss and bacteria to grow. Generally, an annual cleaning will be sufficient but you will need to inspect the roof to see whether you need to carry out a cleaning sooner. By hiring a professional roof cleaning service, you will be able to benefit from their skills, experience and proper equipment.

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