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Tips for Selecting a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company

Kitchens require regular cleaning and there are certain appliances in the kitchen that needs routine maintenance. One such area that you have to focus on is the kitchen exhaust system. This is all the more important when it comes to commercial kitchens. The kitchen exhaust system is generally overlooked by homeowners which can affect the safety of the occupants. In certain instances, there is a risk of fire due to unclean exhaust systems. So it is very important you select a company that has sufficient experience in the field.

One of the first things you should check with a kitchen exhaust cleaning service is their insurance coverage. They should have liability insurance and carry workman’s compensation insurance. Ask to see proof of insurance so that you can check if they have been updated. Generally, when the cleaning procedure of the exhaust system is completed, the company will mark the system with a sticker which is equivalent to a certificate stating when the system was cleaned. And this is what keeps the company liable if you experience a fire after the cleaning. This ensures your kitchen equipment is covered. So in addition to having insurance, they should carry at least 1 million dollars in liability insurance so you are able to file a claim for damages and be compensated in return. Workman’s compensation will ensure that the technicians of the company are covered if there is an injury at the site. This can be a dangerous job and if there is an accident, this ensures you are not liable for the damages.

The company should provide professional services and it is required for them to document all work and provide certifications. This documentation can then be provided to your insurance company, health departments and fire departments so that your commercial kitchen or restaurant is able to operate. In addition to the sticker, you will be given an invoice stating the date when the cleaning is done. Check if Grease Cleaners provide photographic evidence of what they do as this is standard practice. They should provide before and after pictures. But make sure you request this from them before selecting the company.

Check the size of the company and the state of their operations to get an idea of how they work. Generally, larger companies tend to have all the services provided in-house while smaller companies can subcontract work. The latter can prove to be inconsistent when the company is using different sub-contractors. Make sure you clear up this concern with the company beforehand so you have an idea of their consistency. You also need to check how the company responds to emergencies and whether they have enough teams to handle the workload without causing delays. You can contact the company to get an idea of these concerns. This will help you understand their level of customer service and whether they are responsive to their customers. Generally, it is best to select a company with mid-level operations and a smaller client base as they will be able to provide a personalised service on time.

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