Tips for Packing Wine for Shipping

If you are a wine supplier, packaging the wine safely is a big concern that you have to think about. There are many e-commerce sites that sell wine and a great way of cornering the online market and bringing in more attention to the product is the customised packaging you use.

Packaging wine is a different ballgame compared to food, electronics, clothing etc. as you have to be careful about the temperature that it has to be in when you ship it. Wine bottles are also quite fragile and have a considerable weight so you have to think about how to keep them protected using resilient packaging. You can elevate the image of your brand by using a personalised wine box. You need to make sure that the flavour of the wine doesn’t change during transit. This will reduce customer satisfaction considerably and it will be hard to come back from bad reviews and experiences. You have to choose the right sized box for your product. When shipping wine, you have to make sure that the bottles fit perfectly within the box. If you pack them in a box that is not sized properly, the bottles may get jostled during shipping and break en route.    

You can work with a customised box supplier to select the right sized box for your requirements. If you have different types of bottles, you may need to select different box sizes. You also have to think about the packaging materials that can best keep your product safe and also keep the costs of packaging low. You will have a good idea of the bottle designs used for the wine so in this stage, you have to measure out boxes that will be best suited for the bottles. Think about packaging for single and multiple bottles. This stage will allow you to standardise the packaging measurements. When you are shipping more than one bottle of wine, you have to partition the box to make sure they don’t jostle against each other and get damaged. Strong inner partitions are essential and you can look into moulded fibre partitions to reduce the weight of the entire package; shipping costs will depend on the volume of the box and weight so you need to create an efficient design that keeps costs low.

You can also use foam divides to keep the bottles separate and they will also fill out the empty space within the box so that the bottles are neatly stored. You can use bubble wrap also but this is not recommended as it can take up a lot of space. It will also not provide the best cushioning effect for wine bottles as they can slip easily out from the bubble wrap. You will have to carry out some research regarding wine box designs and materials when it comes to the level of protection and cost. The wine box has to be tested vigorously before it is cleared for use. One such test you can do is tilting it to check if you can hear the bottles moving around inside the box. This is a sign that you have to improve the design further.

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