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Should You Replace or Repair Your Bathtub

If you have been looking at your old bathtub and thinking it is time for a replacement – think again. It is possible to restore your bathtub to a pristine condition with the right materials and help. Before deciding between replacing and repairing, you will need to assess the extent of damage, plumbing and mould before deciding between a replacement and repair.

Speak to a bathtub refinishing service expert to understand the costs involved in repairing vs. replacing your bathtub. You might find that repairing your bathtub is an easier and more cost-effective exercise than you had imagined it to be.

Bathtub repairs are gaining in popularity among homeowners who would like a cost-effective solution and one that preserves the original structure and look of the bathtub they have. Repairing a bathtub is more cost-effective than a replacement. Companies that offer repair services add a liner that is custom-built to fit the dimensions of the bathtub. It is sealed and secured in place to give the bath a facelift. The job is often completed within a day and the bath can be used right after.

Replacement would mean you have to go for a couple of days or more without your bath. Because repairing a bathtub does not involve taking out the old bathtub which may also mean some damage and repairs to the surrounding area, repairing the bath is a practical approach that is less of a hassle to get done. Deciding to repair your bathtub is a good idea if you have a limited budget or a bath that is too good to be thrown away.   

Assessing the level of damage to your bathtub is important when deciding on a repair vs. replacement. For example, if there is damage to the drainage system, in addition to the bathtub it could mean the growth of mildew and mould could continue to grow even after inserting the bathtub with a new liner. What is worse is that the repair could cover the mould from showing, posing a big risk to the health of the family. In such an instance a thorough repair of the damaged drainage system and a replacement of the bathtub is the best way forward. Issues with mould notwithstanding, you may still want to consider replacing the bathtub because of aesthetics. A bathtub liner cannot improve the durability of the current bathtub, what it does is a cover-up job.

If you feel your bathtub looks quite worn out and shows enough damage for it to look and feel unpleasant to use, and is also of cheaper quality, it is best to have it replaced rather than spending money on a liner. Bathtub repair liners come in a limited selection of designs while new bathtubs are available in a range of designs that you can match to your bathroom décor theme. If you are planning a design and visual upgrade to your bathroom, a better option would be to have your bathtub replaced rather than repaired.

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