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How to Use Granite to Improve Your Home Décor

If you are looking for a material that can be incorporated into your home décor, look no further than granite which is known for its versatility, strength and beauty. Granite can last a long time and becausethis material is resistant to scratches, it will remain looking new for a very long time.

You can look for Brisbane  granite suppliers that specialise in natural stones such as granite to ensure a professional finish for your home décor project. They can advise you on different ways that granite can be used in your home. A popular way to use granite is as a benchtop in your kitchen. This is because they are highly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing allowing you to create a kitchen with style. There are so many colours and patterns that you can choose from so that you can match your home interior décor or an existing kitchen design seamlessly. And because this is resistant to heat and scratches, you will be able to easily maintain this in a highly used area such as a kitchen. You can also have the backsplash in your kitchen made of granite. This is a great way of protecting the wall from splatters. This creates a beautiful focal point in the kitchen. If you want a more understated look, you will need to select a venin pattern that is subtle along with a neutral colour. But you can also make this area pop by selecting a unique pattern.

You can use granite as statement pieces.

If you want to create a focal point in a living room, you can have a granite feature wall. This will draw the eye of anyone entering the space and it will give a touch of luxury to the space as well. You can also have it in the lobby so that you give a good impression to any visitor to the home the moment the front door is open. To create a sense of grandeur in your dining room, you can have a dining table made from granite. This can be paired with sleek metal for the table legs further elevating the shine and elegance of the granite slab. You can also have a granite coffee table in the living room that is further accentuated by a granite fireplace or a granite feature wall.

Granite can also be used for bathroom vanities.

This is because it has a resistance to moisture. And you can create a beautiful spa atmosphere in the bathroom with a granite vanity and other additions. But make sure to select a colour for the granite that matches the bathroom fittings and tiles. This will help create a more cohesive space. In addition to improving aesthetic appeal, granite is easy to clean and maintain which can be a good option for a bathroom. You can even have granite as flooring. This can be more expensive than most other flooring options but this can create a visually stunning space. This is good for areas that have high foot traffic as this is a material with high durability.

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