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How to Select a Home Treadmill?

A treadmill is a great way of getting some exercises at home especially on the days you can’t go to the gym or run outdoors. It’s a good alternative to staying fit and healthy even during COVID times. But there are so many variations of treadmills out there that it can get a little overwhelming when you start to shop.

One of the first things you have to consider is the budget you have to spend on the treadmill. There are extra features that can drive up the price such as heart rate monitors and programming options. You have to consider how many people in the house will be using them and how often the treadmill will be used. There are cheap treadmills for sale that you can buy online but you have to consider whether they will fit in the space you already have.

If you have limited space, a folding treadmill will be a good idea. You also have to consider whether you will be running on it or walking. There is more stress on the machine when you are running and this will require a longer belt as well. You have to consider price versus a variety of workout options and having better motors. If you have more than one or two users in the home, you may need to look for a mid-range model so it lasts a long time. But if you are on a budget, you can consider a refurbished or a lightly used treadmill.

The quality of the treadmill depends on the horsepower that is provided by the drive motor. Look for a motor with a minimum of 1.5 continuous duty horse powers. You can upgrade this to about 3 CHP if you use this frequently. Consider your weight as well when choosing the power of the motor. The treadmill should have a control panel that is easy to understand and use.

It should be within reach when you are walking or running on it. Try out the treadmill to see whether the running bed absorbs shock sufficiently. The belt should not move around too much when you are stepping on it. Check the maximum weight rating on the treadmill to see if it is compatible with your weight. The belt should be 18 inches wide minimum if you are running on it. And the length of the belt has to be more if you are over 6 feet in height.

If you want to run on the treadmill, you have to choose a treadmill with a speed rating going up to 10mph minimum. It is best if you can try it out before buying so that you can check if the treadmill shakes when you are walking or running on it. A treadmill also takes up a lot of space, so portable and foldable models are much better options. Check if it comes with incline and decline options so that it can simulate an uphill climb and a downhill run.

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