Harmful Effects of Flooded Carpets

There are many issues arising from a carpet flooded with water. This will affect the health of your home as it can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. This can have harmful effectson your health. This will affect your indoor air and trigger allergies and other respiratory symptoms.

If your property has flooded recently and you are left with water damaged carpets, you need to hire a restoration company that provides services such as drying wet carpet. This can be done in extreme instances where the carpets have been under water for a long time or in flood water from a storm in your local area. These flood waters can carry harmful pollutants such as pesticides and other chemicals that can get lodged in the carpets. So you need to have a professional clean it. There are also times when the only option is to dispose of the carpet as it cannot be used safely. A professional company will be able to let you know whether the carpet can be salvaged or not. When carpets are soaked in water for a long time, it can give rise to mould and mildew growth. And the spores of mould can give rise to allergies especially if you have people that are prone to allergic reactions in the household. This will lead to symptoms such as excessive sneezing, coughing, inflammation of mucous membranes in the nasal passage, eye irritation etc. In certain serious cases, it can also cause difficulties in breathing.

Exposure to mould can contribute to rashes on the skin, irritation of the throat and congested sinuses. To prevent this, you have to treat the carpet within two days so that mould doesn’t have time to form. It is best if it can be treated within 24 hours. With carpets that have been damaged severely due to water or have been waterlogged for so long, the risk of exposure to mould spores can increase leading to respiratory complications. When the carpets are ruffled, the spores can get into the air and circulate throughout the house. And when they come into contact with your skin, it can trigger skin rashes. You may also experience bacterial and viral infections if you have a water damaged carpet in your house for a long time.

When there is excessive mould growth, this can lead to serious complications. It can contribute to neurological health issues. You may notice migraines, chronic fatigue and sudden mood changes. It can also lead to loss of memory. If you are not able to treat the carpets immediately, it is best to get rid of them to prevent endangering the health of your family. In addition to causing health complications, water damage can ruin your carpets completely if they are not treated right away. So you need to remove the water right away by dealing with the source of water. For example, you can have a plumber fix the broken pipes but before that, you can shut off the water supply so water doesn’t leak anymore. You can also use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the area helping dry the carpets further. You can rent high powered fans and vacuums to expedite the drying process. Most of the time, you need the right tools and equipment for this which is why it is easier to call a water damage restoration company.

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