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Different Types of Roofing Materials

The majority of fun and interesting home repair projects don’t include roofing. However, if your house begins to leak, your viewpoint may drastically shift. Suddenly, the thought of a dry, firmly sealed home becomes extremely tempting. A magnificent new roof can also improve the curb appeal of your house.

There are many different kinds of roofing materials available, so doing some research may prompt you to think about a different kind of roofing rather than merely replacing the one you already have. You must consider appearance, durability, cost, and structural difficulties while selecting the best roofing material.


Low-slope residential roofs, as well as outbuildings like shops, sheds, and other utilitarian structures, primarily use rolled roofing material. Long rolls of material impregnated with asphalt and minerals and covered with mineral granules make up rolled roofing. About 100 square feet of roofing are contained in each roll, which is 3 feet wide. These broad, thin roofing material strips provide a quick, practical, and affordable way to cover a sloped-roof building, such as a workshop, where aesthetics are not crucial. Roofing nails or the torch-down method can be used to install rolled roofing.

Build up

One of the earliest alternatives for roofing material for flat or very low-pitch roofs is built-up roofing (BUR). BUR systems are made up of multiple layers of roofing felt that has been hotly soaked with asphalt. Two to four layers of felt are put in overlapping layers to create a barrier, and then a layer of finely crushed stone is implanted in hot tar on top to produce an extremely tough and impenetrable roof.


The standing seam roof, which is the most popular style of metal roof, gets its name from the elevated seams that connect the aluminum or steel roofing panels to keep moisture out. Since this is a roofing material that is completely fireproof, metal roofs of all kinds are becoming more and more popular in areas with heavy snowfall or where there is a noticeable danger of wildfires. When a metal reroofing ultimately fails, it can be completely recycled because of its extremely long lifespan. But installing a standing seam metal roof needs specialized knowledge, and not all roofing companies are equipped to do so.


Despite their restrictions and high cost, wood roofs are incredibly appealing. They don’t live very long, and they are a bad choice in places with a lot of rainfall or where wildfires could start. However, they are among the most aesthetically pleasing of any roofing materials, which makes them a well-liked option for mansions. There is a distinction between wood shakes and shingles despite the fact that both are manufactured from natural wood, often redwood.


Earthen clays are shaped into rolling or interlocking shapes, and then burned to make them rigid. It can either be burned or glazed to create ceramic roofing tiles, which are frequently left unglazed and have the distinctive reddish-orange color. Clay tile makes an excellent roofing material for hot temperatures or areas with salt air, which explains why southern coastal areas and desert areas frequently have these roofs installed.

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