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Different Types of Hot/Spa Tubs

The majority of people would like having a soothing hot tub in their backyard, but deciding which kind to get is another minefield. This succinct guide describes the various hot tub kinds that are offered in the UK and where you should seek, depending on your budget.But what other choices are available? What are the prices like, and what the is an Ofuro hot tub? Do not worry; we will address all of these queries and more.

The complete guide is provided below.

Available Hot Tub Types

You might be amazed by the variety of hot tub designs that are currently available. Although everyone has heard of inflated hot tubs and hard-shell types, the benefits of water-based relaxation go far beyond these well-known products.

Standard/hard shell

These hot tubs have a sturdy base and a tough exterior that create a long-lasting spa installation. They frequently have internal heating, massage jets, and even Wi-Fi capabilities. Most people will imagine one of these kinds when you say hot tubs, whose pricing might vary greatly based on the materials used in construction and other features included.

Rotomolded hot tubs

The production method for rotomolded spas involves slowly rotating a mould into which a polyethylene resin is injected to create a solid hot tub body.These bathtubs are more environmentally and energy-efficient than conventional acrylic hot tubs since they are composed of high-density thermoplastic. Rotationally sculpted hot tubs often have fewer nozzles and a lower capacity as a trade-off.

A blow-up hot tub

The greatest portable spa should, without a doubt, provide good value in addition to comfort and durability because, although being far less expensive than a permanent hot tub, this is what most people choose.

Any above-ground spa which can be relocated with ease is referred to as a portable hot tub. Even so, we don’t think a model made of acrylic that can theoretically be moved by four people qualifies as a really portable hot tub.

Smaller capacity inflatable hot tubs with a pumping system, an inflated shell with an air valve, and enough room to accommodate at least 2-4 people are the more practical type of portable hot tub. You can shop 4 person spas online.

Timber tubs

You’ve probably seen wooden hot tubs occupying the outdoor area of many vacation homes and air BnB accommodations; these models are frequently considered to be more conventional spa designs.You’ll typically see a heating system driven by an electrical,gas heater or wood-fired as well as a variety of contemporary elements including air jets, lights, and possibly strong hydro jets in hot tubs constructed of cedar, spruce, or oak.

Aquatic Spas

These pricey hot tubs, which resemble a cross amid a jacuzzi tub and a swimming pool with seats at one side and an open expanse of water at the other, are typically found in hotels, luxury spas, and vacation spas, are unfamiliar to the majority of us. These spas are frequently utilised for hydro treatments, day spa services, and pamper sessions.

Swimmers in training love these hot tubs because the open area faces a wall of strong water jets that allow bathers to paddle against the flow!

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