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Coordinating Bar Stools with Your Indoor Home Décor

Bar stools are key elements of interior design and you can improve the ambience of your outdoor and indoor spaces with this. You can add barstools to a home bar, kitchen island or a dining area that is kept at counter height.

You have to select the design style for the indoor bar stools. Maybe you prefer a rustic farmhouse charm, minimalism or classic elegance. This will also depend on the interior décor style of your home. You can then narrow down the options so that you can choose a style that will suit your existing décor. If you have a contemporary interior, you can select sleek barstools to go with it. But if you have a farmhouse aesthetic, you can look for rustic wooden stools. The finish of the stool will also have a big impact. For example, matt or gloss stools in a neutral colour will be ideal for a contemporary interior while a distressed finish will suit an eclectic space easily. The materials and finishes of the barstools should match that of other furniture pieces in the room. If you have wooden furniture or cabinetry, bar stools with a similar wood finish can be chosen so that there is a familiarity.

If you have metal accents in a space,

You can select barstools that have metal frames so that it will complement the existing décor easily. You can also mix materials but this has to be done carefully so that you can add depth and dimension to the space in a unique way. Make sure to coordinate the colours of the barstools with the space. You can select barstools in the same colour as your existing furniture. These can be used as accent pieces so that a pop of colour can be added to the space. You can use bold hues to add visual interest to the furniture configuration. The height and scale of the barstools should be considered as well. The height of the barstools should be proportional to the counter so that you can sit comfortably on it.

You need to measure

The height of the counter so that an accurate height for the barstool height can be selected. Generally, these tend to have a seat height of about 30 inches. The counter height stools tend to have a seat height of 2 inches or a little bit higher. The scale of the space you are adding barstools to should be considered as well as they need to fit comfortably within the space without overwhelming it. You can mix and match styles to add visual interest and personality. You should not be limited in choosing barstools that match the existing décor perfectly. You can actually select an eclectic combination of materials, styles and finishes so that a dynamic can be created at the end. Make sure to consider comfort and functionality to the barstools by selecting features such as supportive backrests, comfortable seats, adjustable height mechanisms, armrests and footrests. 

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