Common Problems with Refrigerators to Watch Out For

Refrigerators are an important household appliance. They are also among the priciest which is justifiable since they are working hard to keep our food fresh 24/7. Since refrigerators are working non-stop, they are prone to common problems such as failure to cool and defrost, drain blockages, broken drain plates, faulty wiring, refrigerator door not closing properly, etc. as a result of heavy use and wear and tear.

If your fridge starts malfunctioning, it would need refrigerator repair services. If it has been around for more than ten years, it may be nearing the end of its usefulness. Nevertheless, if you have been doing preventive maintenance before, the issue might still be resolved and its usefulness might still be extended for a couple more of years.

It’s not cooling

To avoid spoiling, food should be kept in the refrigerator with average temperature between 37 and 41 degrees. If you feel warm air coming out of the refrigerator, chances are, it’s not cooling and would result to your food spoiling. Your fridge might not be cooling because of various causes. Perhaps the power is off.

Check if the light is turning on when you open the door. The thermostat might even be set on a temperature that is not correct. See if the vents that force cold air into the refrigerator or freezer is clean and there are no debris or grime that is clogging the vents. Make sure that coils under or behind the refrigerator are also clean since build-up of dust could also affect the fridge’s cooling capability.

If you have done all these simple troubleshooting and your refrigerator is still not getting cold, the condenser fan might be the cause. Do not tempt and try to fix it on your own. It is better to have a professional check this for you. It is recommended that you look for a fisher and Paykel fridge service expert to repair your fridge for you.

It’s freezing everything

The opposite of your refrigerator not cooling is also a problem. Your fridge freezing everything is also a common issue faced by homeowners. To check if this is the issue with your fridge, again check your thermostat.

To find out if your thermostat is working, try and turn the knob to the maximum setting. If you hear a click after turning, it is not malfunctioning. If you don’t hear a click, your thermostat might be shot and it’s the reason why your refrigerator is freezing everything.

It’s not turning on

If your refrigerator is not turning on, the compressor might be damaged. This is the most important part of the refrigerator and if it is broken, the whole machine will not function. If your refrigerator is not turning on or it just turned off on its own, it might be because of compressor issues. To avoid having to deal with issues such as this, maintain a clean and lubricated compressor.

If your troubleshooting efforts are unsuccessful, it’s time now to call for an experienced and certified professional to have a look at your refrigerator. Do not attempt to DIY the repairs as it is dangerous and might make the situation worse.

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