Advantages of Using a Hybrid Solar System

The use of solar energy has become a lot more popular in the past decade. Solar panels and accessories are more affordable now than ever, making it possible for every homeowner to build their own solar power system at home.

When choosing solar power system, people usually think of only two options – the on-grid and off-grid solar system. While both systems can provide ample amount of power to your home as long as the sun is shining bright, it is not that efficient when it is not that sunny and at night-time. You’ll need other source of energy for your home when that time comes.

To solve that issue, the hybrid solar power system has been developed. Basically, it still gets the energy from the sun but has batteries connected for storage. It is still connected to the grid, unlike the off-grid solar system. This means that when the sun can’t currently provide enough energy for your home, you still have backup power from the batteries or from the grid.

Here are some of the best advantages a hybrid solar system gives.

Better Efficiency

One great thing about hybrid systems is its energy efficiency. Since it has storage batteries connected, you can get the most solar energy from a clear sunny day. All of the energy that is not consumed will be stored in the batteries for future use. Nothing goes to waste when you have a hybrid solar system.

Continuous Supply of Power

Hybrid solar systems have extra energy stored in batteries. When the panels can’t provide enough energy for your home at the time, you still have an alternative energy source giving your home continuous supply of electricity. This also applies at night-time when there is no sunlight that gets absorbed in the panels.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Some homes and commercial buildings use traditional generators as a source of power when there is an outage or problem with the grid. However, traditional generators are more expensive to use and maintain since it uses diesel to convert into usable energy.

With a hybrid power system, you could enjoy free electricity not only during an outage but even every day. Solar power systems also require less maintenance unlike a generator that needs frequent servicing. Although you’ll need to invest in the installation cost of a solar power system, all the expenses will be offset later on with the energy savings you could enjoy.

Better Load Management

Lastly, hybrid solar systems can manage the energy supply accordingly based on the demands. Whether you have an airconditioner turned on or simply charging your phone, it only provides the energy that is needed so nothing goes to waste.

With so many advantages, hybrid solar systems have become a lot more popular than the other types of solar power systems. If you’re thinking of installing a solar power system for your home, the hybrid type is a wise option to invest in. It can cost you at the start but all the energy savings you could get from it are definitely worth it.

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