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DIY Backyard Patio Ideas

Do you have some space in your backyard that you think can be turned into a patio to sit out and relax with family or entertain friends? Maybe you already have a patio but feel it’s seen better days. Whatever your situation might be, a backyard patio that complements your home’s interior style and canextend your living space for some alfresco living during warmer months can be a delight to the entire family. While there are several good reasons for constructing a backyard patio. One of them is the enhancement of the resale value of your home. Everybody loves some extra space for living and entertaining.

Working on a DIY patio need not be a messy affair, all it needs is some design inspiration, planning, the right tools and the right products to ensure success. Easymix has a range of easy-to-use products suitable for transforming your outdoors thatis sure to bring out the best DIYer in you. 

Thinking about how you want to use your patio is a good start to the planning process and then you can think about if you want it to be a simple makeover or a complete renovation. Time and budget permitting of course. Your design inspiration can come from the design aesthetic you have going in your home and you may want to extend that to your patio so that your indoor space seamlessly merges with your planned outdoor space.

Maintenance should be considered in your planning. Think about the materials you plan to use – concrete will be easier than gravel or sand,and wood will be more difficult to maintain vs. wrought iron furniture for example. Concrete materials come in a range of textures, colours, and patterns that lend easily to a variety of design ideas that you can use to enhance your patio project. Concrete’s versatility allows you to use it just about anywhere – arounda hot tub, as paving or in an outdoor kitchen/barbecue area or even a dining table.

Think about how much space you have for your project. A large space can be wonderful because you can incorporate multiple features, however, if your space is rather small then an option is to try out design features that can create an inviting space for the senses. With a small space, you can incorporate unique landscaping ideas and materials. Everything from rugs, furniture, lighting and materials and colours can visually transform even the tiniest of spaces into a stunning place to hang out.

If your space can handle it, having a covered patio or a partially covered patio is another idea to consider. A cover will allow you to use it more frequently and will also act as a shield to protect your patio furniture and décor items. There are several options to consider – shade sails, umbrellas and overhangs or even a pergola. Draw inspiration from patios you’ve visitedor have come across on design and architectural magazines and websites. There’s a lot of material out there that you can dip into.

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